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The Espresso Health show is hosted by Damon Moschetto, a high-performance coach, and his wife Laurel, a Holistic Trainer and Health Coach. They have been married for over 20 years and have built, owned, and operated a successful training business in Southwest Florida for the past 15 years. Together, they have over 40 years of experience helping people achieve the body they want and the life of their dreams. The show is dedicated to bringing you the best information on living a healthy, balanced, and energetic life, all while still having fun and enjoying every day!

Sep 25, 2019

On today's episode, we cover how to avoid wanting to quit working out:

  • How and why program design will help with this
  • How goals will help 
  • How setting the RIGHT goals is the key
  • Simple strategies to stay motivated for the long haul


Sep 16, 2019

In this episode, we review Jordan Peterson's book 12 Rules for Life

We go in detail on the first 6 chapters to give you some insight into the book. If you have not read it yet we highly recommend it.

Aug 18, 2019

On Today's episode we dig into LAurel's top 5 books that have had a huge impact on her life and why:

  • The Alchemist
  • How To Eat Move and Be Healthy
  • The 4 Agreements
  • When the Body Says No
  • Finding Meaning in the second half of Life

We dig into each book and why you should read them if you haven't yet.


Aug 8, 2019

On today's episode we review Damon's top 5 books:

-Power Vs. Force

-Extreme Ownership

-Deep Work

-12 Rules for Life

-The Compound Effect

These have all had a positive impact on me and many of my friends and clients. 


Jul 22, 2019

Today we break down 20 Nutrition myths that have been debunked by science but are still around for some reason.

You can finally let these myths die.